Bridges of Energy – Bridges of Love


Reiki, like Love, provides a common ground for communication and collaboration between species.
As an energy healer or as an equestrian, one may benefit from a lot of learning from the horses about offering Reiki treatments or about finessing one’s communion with them.
I am rendering below several examples of such lessons, trusting that this list may be easily expanded by other energy healing and equestrian peers:

  • Energy work requires and triggers complete presence in the moment, while, at the same time, horses demand our keen and undivided presence in the now, by uplifting our sensorial, emotional, mental, and physical perceptions.
  • Practicing Reiki involves direct energy interaction, and, as horses use to bathe in each other’s luminous bodies, within the herd, as a form of communion and mutual support, us humans are encouraged to learn more about how to practice such an energy skill, not only by observing it, but instead by embodying it.
  • Both as an energy practitioner and as an equestrian, one needs to “show up” in the presence of the horse, in a state that I use to define as “walking light-heartedly on a green pasture full of blossoming flowers of all colours, under the bright summer sun. As horses instantly perceive the qualities and state of our energy field, they support us in disciplining and driving ourselves towards serenity, quite mind, and emotional balance, all of these qualities expressed through our body language, in a truthful manner.
  • Given that the horses are very sensitive to energy shifts and genuinely express their reactions to such changes, in the case of receiving Reiki, the horses provide valuable feedback, clues, guidance and validation to the practitioner, all along the hands-on, distance healing, meditation or visualisation approaches.

Let us then walk these subtle bridges of energy and love between the species, throughout a joyful and light-hearted journey through the cosmos.