Reiki for Horses


I am blessed to have been welcome by the Horses into the Universe of the Equus and to live together with these astounding beings for more than 30 years now.

Horses inhabit Earth for over 50 million years, and they managed to wisely survive and thrive long before us, as well as, later, by negotiating with humans and patiently guiding them through life on our blue-green planet. They constantly gifted us with their grace, while we many times wronged and failed them throughout history, out of our fear and helplessness in front of them.

I say all the time that “my horses are running through my veins”, and this is not an overstatement, as they share with me an “unfolded soul”, while our luminous bodies often become one.

My beloved horses, Laponia, Camael and Elea, have always been my most precious teachers and mentors. I owe to them the most valuable lessons about the invisible and visible realms, that I learnt through thick and thin. These countless teachings are always embellished with love, forgiveness, and empathy from their side, as well as with a subtle yet strong mastery of all expressions of energy and consciousness.

My horses are family to me, sisters and brothers, intimate friends, soul mates, and partners into infinity, wherever life takes us into past, present and future. Our communion is unparalleled.

Thus, by offering “Reiki for Horses”, I honour and treasure the entire Equine species, and I bring my contribution to healing the horses and their humans.

The sessions are given in presence or at a distance, depending upon the availability of travel. The Horses, as all other species that we generically call “animals”, are highly sensitive to energy work, they respond to it quickly and directly, as well as heal seamlessly.

By connecting with them, at soul level, and by intuitively allowing us to receive their messages – emotions, body, mind – we can support them in restoring their health, as well as their humans’ health and relationship with them.

—Raluca Ioana-Cibu Buzac, Sunchild founder

If you want to learn more about our program “Reiki for Horses”, feel free to reach out to [email protected]