Soul Journeying

The invisible is the fabric, the essence, and the foundation of everything that we perceive as “visible”. Even us ourselves are in many ways “invisible” to us – think about our luminous field, our energy centres, or our eternal self.

What is Soul Journeying?

Soul Journeying is the ability to roam outside time and space, right now, from our physical bodies. We practice this skill effortlessly during the night, in dream time, yet we can as well consciously access this innate, inner gift, at any moment.

Why Soul Journeying?

We do not need a reason to choose, respond to a calling or allow our Souls to Journey, still there are infinite motives that might fuel our intent, such as to:

  • venture beyond everyday life
  • look for answers to specific questions or, in turn, receive new questions from the universe
  • mend past events
  • explore or create futures
  • override the separation between the “invisible and the visible”
  • meet loved ones that are on the other side of the “veil”
  • connect with or disconnect from other individuals, so that no useless energy ties are maintained
  • heal ourselves and support others in their healing
  • find a deeper purpose in life
  • meet Animal guides, ancestors, and spiritual teachers
  • learn
  • re-enter our own dreams
  • explore non-local places of imagination and creativity
  • remember who we are, beyond the boundaries of life.

The Joy of Soul Journeying

As an avenue to higher states of consciousness, Soul Journeying brings back to us the joyful recognition that we all belong and contribute to something larger and deeper than ourselves, while in the meantime encourages us to fly into infinity, and then return to our everyday lives and act upon the uplifting messages that we received during Soul Journeying.

If you’re curious to explore Soul Journeying practices, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]