Active Dreaming for Organizations

We are witnessing times of change, that our human race and life on Earth are at their core challenged by the need to develop more sustainable lifestyles, more compassionate leadership narratives, as well as more impactful individual and group stories.

In very practical terms, and throughout a hands-on and deep-dive approach, where all levels of the organisation become “Dreamers” for the organisation, we are blending Active Dreaming with current business and innovation support practices, while targeting and seeking impact in terms of:

  • Scouting into, envisioning and creating the future
  • Boosting imagination and fresh discoveries
  • Attaining Common goals
  • Tapping into Unpredictability as a powerful resource
  • Bringing and mainstreaming Sustainability into the business
  • Embedding Higher purpose and Inner callings into the organisational and individual evolutionary path
  • Infusing Consciousness into Leadership
  • Creating Innovation strategies, enhancing Business model innovation, boosting Design-driven innovation, and improving Innovation life cycles
  • Setting up of new endeavours – startup, MVP, pre- and prototyping
  • Building global partnerships and becoming part of networks of organisations, the so-called “organisations of the future”.

For more details on how to explore Active Dreaming techniques for your organisation, reach out to [email protected]