Sunchild Story


Note: Originally “Copila Soarelui” story recorded by Queen Mary from Romanian folklore, yet substantially transformed.

When she was born, the Sun kissed her forehead and, wrapping her in is glorious rays, called her his child.

He sneaked inside her heart, nestled there, and sent his rays to fill her tiny hands, telling her they would forever be hers, then mirrored himself in her blue eyes, poured his brightness into the thoughts inside her head, and turning it into a ray of light, said to her: “You are the
Sun Child”, and everyone loved her.

Her hair was golden, because the Sun had left his light in her silky curls; her eyes had the colour of the blue lakes the Sun smiles upon in the summer… Her small feet stepped quietly as she wandered through the darkness of human life, and her hands were two kind pledges
that had come here to earth from other, purer horizons.

Nothing surpassed the charm of her voice, not even the murmur of clear water singing through the sands of the desert, and the words she said were like pearls threaded by some legendary queen on an enchanted silk string. Her smile would light up the place, like spring
buds suddenly blossoming, covering the ground with flowers after the harsh winter nights. The Sun Child was beautiful, of an unparalleled beauty.

People would gather in great numbers at the Sun Child’s home, placing at her feet all their longings, all their dreams, all their pains.

The Sun Child feared no one’s voice; she patiently listened to their woeful stories; with her little hands, she wiped the tears off their faces and removed their sighs from their lips, and her heart – the heart where the Sun had nestled with his rays – became a warming fire for
all souls. The Sun Child carried so much light in herself, she could have covered the entire world in golden rays.

But what was the Sun Child telling them?
How did she comfort them, what power did she have, what was her magic, what language did she speak?

The Sun Child was whispering to them about the brightness of love, the purest origins, the callings of the soul, crystal clear intentions, bold actions, and great changes. The torrent of her words was running like an incandescent waterfall, a flow fully aware of all that existed…
The Sun Child gathered into small bottles the tears she had wiped off the faces of all those who had cried at her door. When she delicately struck the bottles, she produced marvellous melodies much sweeter than those played by angels on their harps. The Sun Child’s alchemy
made the ugliest story beautiful, the darkest deed forgivable, and the most burdensome sorrow easier to let go.

All the stories were found!

The Sun Child took the little bottles into the forest and placing them on a rock, played songs on them for the birds, the leaves, the trees, the sky, and the little clouds floating quietly, and the tears in the bottles told stories in a wonderful language and spoke of the many long
roads they had walked, filling the small forest with music.

The tears turned into glowing diamonds and the entire forest became an enormous crystal temple! The Sun Child was calling for her animal allies to seize the diamonds and return
them to the Multiverse.

Thus, there came winged horses, unicorns, dragons, bears, lions, silver wolves, hummingbirds, albatrosses, snakes, dolphins, whales, camels, tigers, and thousands of other creatures of light. They took the lustrous diamonds and brought them, like a mantle made of stars, into the infinite…

Turning her face towards us, the Sun Child urges us: “…Let’s enchant the world…! Let’s enchant the world…! Enchant the world…!”